Elroy Bode

  • Thoughts of Dust

    I drive into New Mexico. In the summer heat I walk down a roadside in the Gila River Valley beside dry horehound and roadside […] Full Story

  • Desert Dusk

    Christmas Past, El Paso: It was after dark, and cars with their headlights properly dimmed crept in long, solemn lines block after block. They […] Full Story

  • Alone With the Greasewood and the Sage

    I move along on my own two good feet down an Upper Valley road, the sun mildly shining after an early morning rain, the […] Full Story

  • Dateline

    I sit in darkness on the back porch. Cars are in the distance and on nearby streets. Yells come from games in the nearby […] Full Story

  • Commentary

    Richard Phelan, my friend of 50 years, is dead.Early in the morning on March 18, he went to a field across from his apartment […] Full Story