Ed Nawotka

  • An Unforgettable War

    For nearly a decade publishers have been filling bookstores with tomes about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. First came those from the embedded […] Full Story

  • No One to Believe In

    Austin literary agent James D. Hornfischer has represented a variety of military authors and written a pair of bestselling World War II naval histories, […] Full Story

  • George Saunders’ Rebel Yell

    In these strange and scary times overseen by our native son George W., it’s appropriate that the most politically sensitive fiction writer publishing today […] Full Story

  • Houston, We Have a Winner

    Challenger Park In his dazzling new novel Challenger Park, Stephen Harrigan writes that the “heraldry of old-time space flight has vanished.” Familiarity and indifference […] Full Story

  • Afterword

    How Ann Coulter Nearly Killed My Father BY ED NAWOTKA recently found out that I was denounced as a “liberal” in Ann Coulter’s soon-to-be […] Full Story