Don Graham

  • Review

    Adam Braver’s novel about that day in Dallas, published in November 2008, 45 years after the assassination, apparently arrived too late for Texas media […] Full Story

  • Deathless Prose

    With its February 2008 issue, Texas Monthly celebrates its 35th anniversary by profiling “35 People Who Will Shape Our Future.” That got literary eminence […] Full Story

  • Afterword

    This past year, 2005, marked the centennial of Texas author William A. Owens (1905-1990), and in his home country, northeast Texas, they remembered. On […] Full Story

  • The State of Texas Lit

    Perhaps another state honors its writers more than Texas, but if so I don’t know which one. We have the Texas Institute of Letters, […] Full Story

  • Belles Lettres Blues

    Full Story