Bob Moser

  • Crazy Hearts

    It was October 2008, a few weeks before that epic and tearful night when a non-white man finally got elected president of the United […] Full Story

  • Woe Unto the Hypocrite

    Late in April, beneath the mainstream radar, Rick Perry took his “Please Don’t Elect Me President” road show to the North Texas studios of […] Full Story

  • Run, Rick, Run

    It was the strangest thing. Mortifying but illuminating. Like Paul on the road to Damascus, or Donald Trump suddenly realizing he’d been out-Americaned by […] Full Story

  • Calvin Trillin

    Author Calvin Trillin Speaks With The Texas Observer

    Texas Observer editor Bob Moser speaks with author Calvin Trillin about his book, Trillin on Texas. Full Story

  • The White-Power Legislature

    Back in February, at a rally protesting anti-immigrant legislation, state Rep. Lon Burnam raised some eyebrows by letting loose with the “R” word. “You […] Full Story