Alexa Garcia-Ditta

Alexa Garcia-Ditta
Alexa Garcia-Ditta is an Observer reporter (and former intern) covering women's health, reproductive health and health care access across the Lone Star State. Before joining the Observer, she was a staff news writer at the San Antonio Current. She holds an MA in journalism from the University of Texas at Austin and BA in journalism and Spanish from UT-Arlington, where she worked for three years on her college newspaper. After graduate school, she dipped her toe in public policy communications at the Center for Public Policy Priorities. When she's not at work, she's probably training for her next marathon. You can contact her at [email protected]

By Alexa Garcia-Ditta:

Jaxon Huffman — kids with diabilities
Health Care

UPDATED: Cuts Threaten Therapy Services for Disabled Texas Kids

Earlier this year, the Legislature passed a budget rider directing the Health and Human Services Commission to find ways to save on Medicaid therapy costs. The commission settled on a scheme that would cut reimbursement rates for Medicaid therapy providers that disabled Texans like Jaxon rely on. The cuts amount to a loss of $150 million in state money over the next two fiscal years, and jeopardize another $200 million in federal matching funds. Read More

Criminal Justice

The Truth About How Pregnant Women Are Treated in Texas County Jails

In Texas, 300 to 500 pregnant women are booked into county jails each month, and dozens gave birth while in custody last year. Women report not getting enough food. They say the notoriously uncomfortable sleeping mats cause back pain. And they feel mistreated and disrespected by guards. One woman in a Travis County lockup last year said she was shackled to her hospital bed while delivering her baby. Read More

Planned Parenthood
Health Care

Fact-Finding Hearing Turns into Hours of Planned Parenthood Bashing

On Wednesday, a panel of Texas senators spent almost five hours denouncing abortion, grilling state health officials on an issue they don’t have authority over, and discussing fetal tissue donation practices at Planned Parenthood, although Texas affiliates have repeatedly said they don’t currently participate in such a program. Read More

Stand for Life rally outside the Texas Capitol during Senate Bill 1 abortion debate.
Health Care

What Repealing the Hyde Amendment Would Mean for Texas

The EACH Woman Act would have a huge impact for poor women in Texas, who tend to also be women of color, supporters of the resolution say. More than 1 million Texans are currently enrolled in Medicaid, and according to the Kaiser Family Foundation, 57 percent of them are women, many of whom struggle to provide for their families. Read More