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Her Story

by Alan Pogue | Thu, Mar 8, 2012 at 19:57 CST

Hungry Eye

Michael Nye’s photographs literally speak to you. Accompanying his 50 portraits at the Witte Museum in San Antonio, until April 4, are headphones. Put them on, and you hear the voices of the subjects you’re seeing, talking to you about … Read More


Afterword: My History of Violence

It was Tuesday night, and I was unable to sleep. I decided to go pick up a book-Can Humanity Change?-a dialogue between Indian philosopher J. Krishnamurti and Buddhist scholars, from my darkroom studio on East Martin Luther King Jr. Street … Read More


Some People You Need to Know

In the picture, Ann has a slight smile on her face as she stands on the grassy bank of a river in Zavala County. Then you hear her voice. “I know pain,” are her first words. The pain is from … Read More


Witness for Justice

Seeing what is before our eyes.

What prevents us, those of us whose eyes work, from seeing what is before our eyes? When I arrived in Vietnam in 1967, I could see that we were murdering the Vietnamese. Not to notice that we were murdering the … Read More


New Orleans, Mon Amour

Images of a great American city

These photographs were taken in early February. I traveled throughout New Orleans and spent some time with people in the Common Ground Collective, a community-initiated volunteer group that was formed in the Algiers neighborhood the first week after Hurricane Katrina … Read More


Knocking on Heaven’s Door

by Alan Pogue

Along with Dorothea Lange and Walker Evans, Russell Lee (1903-1986) captured the essence of America in the Depression while working as a photographer for the Farm Security Administration. Lee went on to take thousands of photographs for the U.S. Army’s … Read More


Faces of Iraq

PHOTOGRAPHS AND CAPTIONS BY ALAN POGUE On a trip to Iraq nearly three years ago, Alan Pogue met a young girl who will haunt him the rest of his life. Her name, he later discovered, was Isra Abdul Amir. On … Read More