Texas Politics

Better Debate Than Never

Where’s the governor?” The lone debate of our bizarre four-person race for the Texas governorship had been over for barely 20 minutes on October 6, ...Read More

Not Even a Backseat on the Bus

Following a Perry campaign swing.

Gov. Rick Perry’s campaign bus looked like a gigantic Fourth of July firecracker as it motored into Dripping Springs. Painted a brilliant white and plaste...Read More

Pyrrhic Victory

It seemed appropriate that the same week the Texas Legislature finally passed a school finance package, the FBI thought it had found Jimmy Hoffa. The body of th...Read More

Thin Reed

Will Abramoff's Deep Throat Swallow God's Mouthpiece?

Evidence is mounting that former Christian Coalition leader Ralph Reed Jr., along with a former leader of the Texas Christian Coalition, may have illegally lobb...Read More

Poison, Politics and Prevarication

Long before Perry was Agriculture Commissioner, he was a friend of the pesticide industry.

YOU couldn’t say Rick Perry has a body in his basement, because the man he buried is alive and talking. His name is Benny Fisher, and he’s now the sheriff o...Read More