Texas Politics

Farouk + Texas = ??

Are Texans capable of electing as governor a native Palestinian and former hairdresser whose last name rhymes with “Mammy,” forcing him to use his f...Read More

Rogue Vogue

Fellow Texans, only now do I feel safe in confiding that since last year’s elections, I have lived in a state of unrelenting torment, unable to rest, anxi...Read More

Rick Perry, Twice Burned

Rick Perry’s campaign thought it had conjured up the perfect photo-op for the anti-government crowd yesterday. So much for thinking. On the anniversary of...Read More

A Willingham Coverup?

Perry ditches three members of the Forensic Science Commission.

The exercise of raw power is truly stunning to behold. Gov. Rick Perry today has replaced three members of the Forensic Science Commission, which is investigati...Read More


Reappraising the Governor

Rick Perry's private tax protest.

Long before he got national attention for secessionist foreplay at Tax Day “tea parties,” Gov. Rick Perry quietly launched a personal tax revolt. In...Read More

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The Governor’s Job Con

With more and more Texans out of work, Perry rejects federal unemployment funds and panders to his right-wing base.

On March 12, Gov. Rick Perry called a press conference at Bering’s, a family hardware and luxury household-goods store in Houston, to announce that he wan...Read More

Baby, I Lied

Rural Texas is still waiting for the doctors tort reform was supposed to deliver.

The flood of beguiling baby photographs began cascading into mailboxes across Texas as the 2003 fall election drew near. Gracing the cover of a slick brochure, ...Read More