Texas Politics

Backyard Brawls


“Good thing we’ve still got politics in Texas — finest form of free entertainment ever invented.” -Molly Ivins From now until Oct. 29, w...Read More

How Bad Are These Polls For White?

The most recent set of polls show White down by a large margin. Just how bad a loss can the Democrats take?

The last few months, poll results have begun to feel a whole lot like the old M. Night Shyamalan movies. You would think you could take the results at face-valu...Read More

Politics Uncovered

Texas Attorney General candidate Barbara Ann Radnofsky came to the phone to tell me she is pleased The Dallas Morning News has assigned someone to cover her cam...Read More

Wooing Bush Country

Scenes from a day in Bill White's campaign.

On Friday, April 23, Houston-based photographer Michael Stravato and New York Times reporter James C. McKinley Jr. spent a whirlwind day with Bill White, the De...Read More