Human Rights

Diane Wilson

On June 9, activist Diane Wilson threw, in her words, a “wall-eyed fit” when Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski, ranking minority member of the Senate Energy Commit...Read More

Requiem for a Border City

Dispatches from the Border Wall: Reynosa

  Reynosa is crumbling under the dark spell of organized crime and narco-traficantes. This is not the city I used to know a decade ago with its vibrant plaza, ...Read More

Settler, Immigrant, Alien

“What part of illegal don’t you understand?” This question—usually launched by immigration restrictionists and aimed at immigration advocates—is a goo...Read More

Painful Reminders

With some rare exceptions, the media has drifted from the story of CIA-sponsored torture during the Bush administration. But still it begs for the same righteou...Read More

Equal Over Time

The Feminist Promise: 1792 to the Present is a bold, brimming history of feminism, from Mary Wollstonecraft through Hillary Clinton, written by Christine Stanse...Read More

No Escape

For Mexicans fleeing violence, the United States offers no refuge.

Eleven-year-old Ana was playing in the park near her house. Her family sat on the front lawn and sipped cold drinks and talked about their day. Suddenly, the cr...Read More

Facing Death

Most Texans avert their eyes from the state's machinery of death-but at what cost?

About a month ago, during a trip back home to Houston, a good friend told me something startling. She said that, barring some unforeseen event, a good friend of...Read More