Human Rights

A Woman’s Touch

Juvenile inmates can make inviting targets for sex offenders--and women are the most frequent perpetrators. Is the Texas Youth Commission ignoring the problem?

One evening in November 2007, an 18-year-old inmate in Beaumont’s Al Price Juvenile Correctional Facility was stretched out on his bunk when a female guard na...Read More

It Takes a Massacre

Mexico Finally Institutes Protections for Immigrants

Mexican President Felipe Calderon frequently criticizes the unfair treatment of undocumented immigrants in the United States. But It took a mass grave in Tamaul...Read More

ERA Now?

A couple of months ago, I attended the annual meeting of the Veteran Feminists of America at the Women’s Museum in Dallas, a deco dream of a building in Fair ...Read More

Diane Wilson

On June 9, activist Diane Wilson threw, in her words, a “wall-eyed fit” when Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski, ranking minority member of the Senate Energy Commit...Read More

Requiem for a Border City

Dispatches from the Border Wall: Reynosa

  Reynosa is crumbling under the dark spell of organized crime and narco-traficantes. This is not the city I used to know a decade ago with its vibrant plaza, ...Read More

Settler, Immigrant, Alien

“What part of illegal don’t you understand?” This question—usually launched by immigration restrictionists and aimed at immigration advocates—is a goo...Read More

Painful Reminders

With some rare exceptions, the media has drifted from the story of CIA-sponsored torture during the Bush administration. But still it begs for the same righteou...Read More