Health Care

The Health Care Reversal

Don’t look now, but the fortunes of the health care reform bill have greatly mproved. The AP is reporting today that Democrats in Congress hope to pass he...Read More

What’s In It for Me?

Here’s an exercise: Go to your local supermarket, stop 10 people—any 10 people—in the store and ask them how national health care reform, if it were p...Read More

Conversion Story

How Bryan's Planned Parenthood director became a pro-life celebrity.

Abby Johnson was the 29-year-old executive director of Planned Parenthood in Bryan when she resigned in October. A month later, she was on Mike Huckabee’s...Read More

The Health Care Debacle

I survived the Bush years by employing a simple mantra: “It’s best not to think about it.” I would mutter this to myself whenever events of th...Read More

Lessons Unlearned

Long before the Legislature made vaccines optional, Texans united to fight polio.

As the nation obsesses over whether swine flu will eventually mutate into an unstoppable pandemic, a germ from the past has been making an unlikely comeback in ...Read More

Coal Star State

While America turns away from dirty energy, Texas could soon have 12 new coal-fired power plants. What gives?

One February night in 2007, a boisterous crowd from all around Texas—old-school ranchers and farmers, fresh-faced Baylor students, environmentalists new and o...Read More