Health Care

Bad Medicine

Before two West Texas nurses brought him down, Dr. Rolando Arafiles peddled dangerous treatments in towns across Texas.

The case of Dr. Rolando Arafiles could well be the oddest in the history of Texas medicine. In 2008, Arafiles was hired as a doctor at Winkler Memorial Hospital...Read More

Budget Cuts Hit Home

A clinic in Gonzales struggles to deal with Texas' health care cuts.

In a small clinic a few blocks from the main highway that runs through the South Texas town of Gonzales, Patrick Caldwell dispenses birth control and straight t...Read More

Slash and Burn

The largest budget cuts in Texas history take effect.

The state of Texas’ fiscal year begins today, and unless you’re a government accountant, the date usually passes with little fanfare. But this year is diffe...Read More

Aiding Wounded Warriors

On a recent July morning, Chuck Luther got a call from a soldier serving in northern Iraq. The staff sergeant on the line was nine months into his combat tour a...Read More

Lawyer Up

The state's lawyer-bashing conservatives inspire another expensive round of litigation.

When the politicians leave Austin, it’s time for the lawyers to swoop in. Nothing especially new about that. For decades, Texas conservatives have tried to do...Read More