Health Care

Pharmacists Ask Lege for Cover from New Medicaid Privatization

Last year, Perry pals secured a new layer of privatization in Texas' Medicaid payments. Now independent pharmacists warn it's putting them out of business.

Late last year in our story on the many ways Gov. Rick Perry’s pals have had their way in Texas (“The V.I.P. Room,” December 2011), Abby Rapoport made an ...Read More

Bad Medicine

Before two West Texas nurses brought him down, Dr. Rolando Arafiles peddled dangerous treatments in towns across Texas.

The case of Dr. Rolando Arafiles could well be the oddest in the history of Texas medicine. In 2008, Arafiles was hired as a doctor at Winkler Memorial Hospital...Read More

Budget Cuts Hit Home

A clinic in Gonzales struggles to deal with Texas' health care cuts.

In a small clinic a few blocks from the main highway that runs through the South Texas town of Gonzales, Patrick Caldwell dispenses birth control and straight t...Read More