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We Asked You About Health Care in Rural Texas. Here are Your Stories.

by | Fri, Jan 17, 2020 at 14:11 CST
Much has been written about medical deserts, but these are the experiences of people who call them home.

Sonogram Bill Revived After Possible Deal With Democrat

After a month of negotiations and a possible deal with Sen. Uresti, Texas pro-lifers will likely pass their sonogram bill.

After more than a month of negotiations between House and Senate leaders, it looks like the path has been cleared for the sonogram bill to become law. While bot...Read More


Intent To Harm

The new doctor in town was friendly, popular—and dangerous. Especially to the nurses who reported his bizarre treatments.

Before everything happened, nurse Anne Mitchell says Kermit had a good little hospital. “We had an excellent nursing staff. We had great doctors. We provided ...Read More

Walking the Fence Line

Suzie Canales is one cafeteria worker you don’t want to mess with. Attendees at last December’s first-ever White House Forum on Environmental Justice learne...Read More