Health Care

At Women’s Health Hearing, Logic Fails

Planned Parenthood’s critics argue—against all available facts—that tax dollars are used to promote abortion in the Women’s Health Program.

“Planned Parenthood advocates abortion as a method of birth control,” Abby Johnson told a health department committee yesterday, with not inconsiderable pas...Read More

A Nightmare Scenario for Women’s Health

By excluding Planned Parenthood from the Women’s Health Program, Rick Perry has intensified Texas’ family planning crisis

This is the second story in our Collateral Damage series examining the impact of family planning cuts in Texas. You can read the first story in the series here....Read More

Does – BPA-Free’ Mean It’s Safe?

Eastman Chemical goes after Austin researcher who found that BPA-free plastics contain other hormone-altering chemicals.

In a small, nondescript office park in North Austin, scientist George Bittner bombards baby bottles with UV rays, blasts sippy cups with steam and microwaves de...Read More