Refuge From Responsibility

Paul Bruckwicki is standing on a hill between a grass-covered Army landfill and a creek called Harrison Bayou. Groundwater monitoring wells skirt the edge of th...Read More

Whose Water Is It, Anyway?

Mostly, that's decided by appointees who aren't accountable to the voters.

Before the summer of 2009, Bob Wynne could stand on his expansive deck high above Lake Travis and look out over flat, shimmering water. It was the perfect surfa...Read More

Water Shares

Author's Note

Imagine this: Your new neighbors install a powerful pump in their water well, and your well— your drinking water—dries up. In Texas, you would have no legal...Read More

Waterworld 2011

When we consider whether creatures live on other planets, the first question is always the same: Is there water? In poor countries, people fight and die over it...Read More