Weems Discovers the Hazards of Experience

Jeff Weems, candidate for Railroad Commissioner, faces attacks for his connections to BP—from an opponents without connections to anyone

Experience in politics is a lot like sex in college. You probably want to have some–no one wants to be a prude–but too much and you might start hear...Read More

The BP Screw-Up We Almost Didn’t Hear About

While oil leaked into the Gulf, toxic chemicals spewed from BP's refinery in Texas City

If the most-hated corporation in America releases a massive quantity of toxic chemicals and nobody hears about it does it matter? Two weeks before BP began wrec...Read More

There’s Something in the Water

Scientists take a closer look at the chemicals coming out of your tap.

Bryan Brooks has spent a lot of time wading in Pecan Creek, a small Denton stream, searching for mutant fish. For some time, Brooks and his colleagues from the ...Read More

Refuge From Responsibility

Paul Bruckwicki is standing on a hill between a grass-covered Army landfill and a creek called Harrison Bayou. Groundwater monitoring wells skirt the edge of th...Read More

Whose Water Is It, Anyway?

Mostly, that's decided by appointees who aren't accountable to the voters.

Before the summer of 2009, Bob Wynne could stand on his expansive deck high above Lake Travis and look out over flat, shimmering water. It was the perfect surfa...Read More