Friday’s Green Links Round-Up

A somewhat random compendium of stuff that happened this week

Updated below The Texas attorney general’s office is investigating a massive release of toxic chemicals at BP’s Texas City refinery, the Galveston County Da...Read More

R.I.P. Pickens Plan [UPDATED]

Boone Pickens unceremoniously drops wind from his energy plan

Updated below For two years, Boone Pickens has been getting millions of dollars’ worth of criticism-free media exposure for the Pickens Plan – his much-prai...Read More

The End of the Hill Country [UPDATED]

The long-simmering tension between water conservation and Drill, Baby, Drill is coming to a boil

Updated below We just put out a special issue on water in Texas. So did Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine. In May, Texas Monthly did one of their Top 20 lists...Read More

Weems Discovers the Hazards of Experience

Jeff Weems, candidate for Railroad Commissioner, faces attacks for his connections to BP—from an opponents without connections to anyone

Experience in politics is a lot like sex in college. You probably want to have some–no one wants to be a prude–but too much and you might start hear...Read More