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WTF Friday: Primaries and Other Scams

by | Fri, Feb 28, 2014 at 13:11 CST

Blog ‘n’ Roll

On Aug. 25, at the Loft in Dallas, the Texas-based music blog, Gorilla vs. Bear, is staging a concert featuring bands that are part of a new subset of indie mus...Read More

Ghosts of Vietnam

The Vietnam War is America’s psychic labyrinth. For 40 years we’ve been talking about it, writing about it, singing songs about it and making movies about i...Read More

Love, Straight Up

Back in the early ‘80s an Austin band managed to blend the brashness of punk with the riffs of bar rock and country twang. That’s no small feat. Punks tend ...Read More

Freedom Trap

That Clint Eastwood is the most successful director of the past 20 years isn’t really up for debate. Other filmmakers may have made more money or experienced ...Read More

Network Benchwarmers

Friday Night Lights has been the underappreciated little brother of NBC’s primetime lineup for four years now. Even as that once-great network has tumbled fro...Read More

The Power of Yes

If there’s a sweet spot where Jonathan Swift, Borat, Michael Moore and underground British street artist Banksy blend under a banner of cultural agitation, th...Read More

Slack and Slash Cinema

The history of Austin film is a tale of industry outsiders. Twelve hundred miles and a world away from the deep pockets and intrusive hands of the Hollywood stu...Read More

Keep It Trill

On March 17,  MCs Chamillionaire and Paul Wall kicked off a national tour at Austin’s South by Southwest music festival. The show was a reunion for the two r...Read More

Crunk Kashmere

It sounds like an inspirational Hollywood drama: In 1969, a jazz saxophonist takes a job teaching music at a destitute high school in inner-city Houston. Inspir...Read More