Novel Approach

Queen For a Day

One of the tricky things about living with an obsession is trying to remember that other people don’t necessarily share it, and might even find it peculiar. F...Read More

The Drink That Represses

Last spring, I gave up Coca-Cola. Maybe that sounds like nothing to you, but trust me, for about a week and a half, I felt like Frank Sinatra in The Man With th...Read More

City Without Walls

Somebody once said that the trouble with Austin is that it wants to be Berkeley, and the trouble with Dallas is that it wants to be Chicago, but the trouble wit...Read More

Arthur Gochman, 1931-2010

Texas loses a great philanthropist, entrepreneur and civil-rights attorney.

We lost a great Texan on Oct. 25, when Arthur Gochman—freedom-fighting lawyer, fabulously successful businessman and openhanded philanthropist—passed away a...Read More

Censors and Heroes

A couple of weeks ago, Salem came to Humble, Texas, when Ellen Hopkins, a nationally acclaimed, bestselling young-adult novelist, was disinvited from the 2011 H...Read More

ERA Now?

A couple of months ago, I attended the annual meeting of the Veteran Feminists of America at the Women’s Museum in Dallas, a deco dream of a building in Fair ...Read More

Facing Death

Most Texans avert their eyes from the state's machinery of death-but at what cost?

About a month ago, during a trip back home to Houston, a good friend told me something startling. She said that, barring some unforeseen event, a good friend of...Read More