The Symphony Comes to South Dallas

Music education and enrichment opportunities are scarce in my neighborhood, but the Dallas Symphony aims to bridge the gap.

She is growing a cosmic garden, she is one of the fates stretching a string of life before her, she is Moses parting the sea before turning to bring the waves d...Read More

Stevie Ray Vaughan at the Texas Flood album release show in 1983. by

‘Texas Flood’ is a Soulful Portrait of Stevie Ray Vaughan

A new biography captures Vaughan’s journey from record-obsessed Dallas kid to all-time guitar god, taking care to convey what made his music transcendent.

Texas Flood: The Inside Story of Stevie Ray Ray Vaughan succeeds in just the way it must to reach both Vaughan’s fans and those first learning why he’s a sh...Read More

Juan Gabriel, who died August 28, performs in Chile in 2014. by

Vaya con Dios, Juan Gabriel

Mexico's most versatile singer and composer leaves behind a global legacy.

Gregg Barrio remembers Juan Gabriel, whose "hardscrabble life is the stuff of telenovelas," and who died August 28 while on tour in California....Read More