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Eye on Texas: Spike Johnston

by | Fri, Jul 12, 2019 at 6:00 CST

State Fair of Texas

photos: Lynn Lennon/Degolyer Library, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX, Ag2002.1405 STATE FAIR OF TEXAS Dallas I’ve always been a big fan of the Stat...Read More

The Swimmers

Kyle “I grew up in the world of competitive swimming. Coaches and teammates became a second family, and the water was a second home. In the lead-up to the las...Read More


Marfa “This picture is from one of my projects entitled ‘My Texas.’ This undertaking is an intimate exploration 
of the raw and subtle aspects of the cu...Read More

Action Heroes

Austin As an artist, I work with familiar media images to show how society molds beliefs about itself, particularly how these images encourage superficial judgm...Read More

Sherwood Forest Faire

Giddings “This a kind-of co-op Renaissance festival near Giddings. You can lease a piece of land there and open up your own jousting stand, art booth, whateve...Read More

High Tea

Austin “This photograph of Barbara Merello is part of ‘High Tea,’ my series of photographs of women in the rooms where they spend most of their time. A lo...Read More

At the Hour of Our Death

At the hour of our death South East Texas “Death, like birth, is part of a process. However, the processes of death are often shielded from view. Today in Wes...Read More

You Are What You Eat

San Antonio “An intense curiosity led me to begin making these unconventional portraits, photographed ‘as is,’ in homes across the United States. One pers...Read More