Eye on Texas

Borderland Youth


Karen Rangel, a ninth-grader at Franco Middle School in Presidio, took this picture while peering through her classroom window. It’s part of her work with Bor...Read More

Thirst for Grit

Atascosa, Texas

“Since 2007 I have traveled the oft-lonely southwest expanse of this state, following the itinerant ways of small-town rodeo cowboys who live a life of legend...Read More

Freak Show

San Antonio, Texas

“Freak is a relative term. By definition it denotes something or someone that is unusual or markedly different. I guess I’m a freak in a way, as we all are....Read More

Deep East Texas

“I’ve lived most of my life in Dallas but my family is all from East Texas. The differences in our lives and environment are fascinating and I’...Read More

Love Among the Lost

“Life is tough enough for the 600,000 Americans who live on the streets. It’s even tougher for those who fall in love. Four days after they met, C.J...Read More