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A Seat at the Table by

A Seat at the Table

When I first saw a flyer for the Food for Black Thought (FFBT) Symposium on a wall at Hoover’s Cooking, the celebrated East Austin restaurant, my first though...Read More

What’s the Beef?

Times are tough these days for Texas producers of grass-fed beef. Grass grows poorly, if at all, during the worst drought in recorded history. Costs skyrocket a...Read More

Still Waters

Alice Waters is nervous. This shouldn’t be. Waters is famous. Waters is loved. Her image hangs in the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C., around th...Read More

Friends and Foodies

Food writer Ellen Sweets and columnist Molly Ivins were friends for 20 years. Their bond deepened in the kitchen, where they shared recipes for life and food—...Read More

Urban Chic(k)

Do the drawbacks of eating backyard eggs outweigh the benefits?

Nobody knows exactly how many Austinites keep backyard chickens. We do know, however, that this movement is more than a passing fad in a city with a strong loca...Read More

A Meal and a Message

A diner sheds light on the devastation still felt in Joplin, MO.

  I rarely, if ever, eat at places along interstate highways, even if they are called “Mom’s Diner” or “Buddy’s Place,” partly because I believe ...Read More