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Direct Quote: Grief’s Gift

by | Thu, Sep 24, 2015 at 9:00 CST

Union Defender

Becky Moeller on being the first female president of the Texas AFL-CIO.

Becky Moeller is the first female president of the 220,000-member Texas AFL-CIO. Moeller has been active in unions for 35 years. She joined the Communication Wo...Read More

Drilling for Water

"I think we need to educate people on conserving more. People waste so much water."

John Ebert owns and operates Harvey’s Water Wells, a well drilling and water pump servicing company in Brenham. Ebert’s father started the company in 1978. ...Read More

Living on Public Assistance

"There are people on welfare who are really just trying to make it."

Rhonda Robinson gave birth to her daughter, Makayla, at 18. Now 24, Robinson will graduate from Texas State University in San Marcos with a dance degree and tea...Read More

Day Laborer

When I pull up to the house where Robert Hughes lives on Lake Whitney near Ft. Worth, he’s covered in sweat and his bright blue Pacesetter T-shirt clings tigh...Read More