An Unforgettable War

For nearly a decade publishers have been filling bookstores with tomes about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. First came those from the embedded journalists; t...Read More

Austin’s Literary Fairy Godmother

Amelia Gray's THREATS was nominated for the prestigious Dylan Thomas Prize.

Around the time Fifty Shades of Grey became a worrisome phenomenon, a quieter novel, one without bondage porn or roots in Twilight fan fiction, was released by ...Read More

A Dangling Metaphor

The Kentucky Club, a storied, once-elegant bar whose historic guests include Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe, sits on Avenida Juarez, four blocks from the U.S....Read More

Power Politics

Books about Texas, the presidency and national politics remind us that the Lone Star State has a long history of influencing the country’s agenda.

Aside from being Texans, John Nance Garner and Lyndon Baines Johnson had something else in common. As vice presidents, they were eclipsed by charismatic command...Read More

Lost in South Texas

Everyone in Along These Highways, Rene S. Perez’s fine, slender debut collection of short stories, wants to be someplace else. These people, mostly young Lati...Read More