Texas Coronavirus Coverage

Here’s everything we’ve written about the coronavirus pandemic. Check out our Texas coronavirus tracker as well.

Chris Mabe, left, with her husband Jim, holding a photo of her 81-year-old mother, Jewel Bergan-Brumbaugh, who died this March. by

For Families That Lost Loved Ones or Jobs to the Pandemic, Thanksgiving Carries an Extra Weight This Year

This year’s pandemic has brought untold suffering to families across Texas. Making things worse: At a time when they might take solace in the company of friends or family, public health authorities are urging them to stay apart.

This story was originally published by the Texas Tribune. The Texas Tribune is a nonprofit, nonpartisan media organization that informs Texans—and engages wit...Read More

Selena Xie is a paramedic, intensive care nurse, and the president of the Austin EMS Association. She stands in full PPE at a medic station just east of Austin, in Travis County. by

Eye on Texas: The Essential Women of Austin

A portrait series by Sarah Wilson explores how women deemed essential workers stay safe during the pandemic.

Through my portrait series “Essentials” I’ve been photographing the women working in essential positions in Austin during the COVID-19 pandemic. The shelt...Read More


How We Got Here

Texas’ health system has been underfunded, understaffed, and unprepared for years. Here, COVID-19 found the perfect place to spread.

Texas’ health system has been underfunded, understaffed, and unprepared for years. Here, COVID-19 found the perfect place to spread. By Sophie Novack November...Read More


A West Texas Nursing Home Sent Its COVID-Positive Residents Elsewhere. Now Two of Them Are Dead.

Texas allows nursing homes to voluntarily accept COVID-positive patients from hospitals and other nursing homes. But there are no additional safeguards for the people sent there, and some of the facilities have a history of breaking rules.

John Wayne McDermett used to manage nursing homes. Now he lives in one. After serving 12 years as a rural county judge and working a stint as a disc jockey at a...Read More


Portraits of the Pandemic

There are people who lost their jobs, who miss their family, who worry about their kids. These are the stories of ordinary Texans dealing with extraordinary circumstances.

By Texas Observer Staff Illustrations by Lindsay Mound August 31, 2020—Nearly six months into the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 600,000 Texans have been infect...Read More


Five Months Later, the State’s Unemployment System is Still Broken for Many Texans

The state’s unemployment insurance system was woefully unprepared when the COVID-fueled economic crisis hit in March. Months later, unemployed Texans are still struggling to get—and keep—their benefits.

In March, after losing her job with Rolfson Oil, Laura Orozco filed for unemployment. Her claim was denied. The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC), which administ...Read More