Postcards From a Cartel City

A reporter returns to a border town riven by a drug war.

August 9 I’ve been dreading coming to Reynosa for weeks. I tell myself that if I stick with the immigration story I’m working on and don’t do ...Read More

On the Fence

A new documentary chronicles the border wall boondoggle

If it weren’t for 9-11, we wouldn’t have a 670-mile border fence boondoggle along our southern border, was the take home point  from filmmakers Rory Kenned...Read More

The Dead City

Death greets visitors to Reynosa these days. On the outskirts of this gritty industrial city across the Rio Grande from McAllen, a shining, white altar to the s...Read More

Cartel City

Imagine a city under the complete control of the Gulf Cartel

Imagine a city under the complete control of the Gulf Cartel. It’s called Reynosa, a city of nearly 600,000 just across the Rio Grande from McAllen. The Commi...Read More

Stumper of the Week: Perry vs. White vs Gohmert

Who said the single weirdest and nuttiest thing in Texas politics this week?

Okay, folks, we’re right on the cusp of that magical, mythical day when everyone supposedly—all at once, now!—stops thinking silly, summery thoughts a...Read More