Introducing the Watch, the Observer‘s Staff Blog

Rio, an Observer feline correspondent.
Jen Reel
Rio, an Observer feline correspondent.

For more than 60 years, the Texas Observer has served as the voice of progressive Texas, a publication dedicated to holding elected officials accountable regardless of party and digging into the darker corners of policy and politics in the Lone Star State. We’ve been a fierce and relentless advocate for the marginalized Texans so often ignored in the horserace chatter of the mainstream media.

Those days are over! It’s time for listicles and cat videos.

Just kidding. We are, however, pleased to announce the launch of our staff blog: the Watch. It’s a place where ideas, observations and conversations go to grow — or, maybe, get shot down. We’ll be tracking threads, floating theories, maybe even doing a little reporting every once in a while.

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But hey, we’re not opposed to a cat photo or two. That little friend to your right up there is Rio. She’s the latest addition to the household of our multimedia editor Jen Reel, who’s recently been traveling the Rio Grande Valley with staff writer Melissa del Bosque — you can follow their trip on Instagram or Facebook. Malnourished and under-fluffed, the kitten turned up at a Tex-Mex joint along the river, and it was love at first purr. Rio is Jen’s second reporting-related pet; Jen’s dog, Buster, came from an Alice, Texas truck stop she visited on a similar journalism jaunt.

By: Andrea Grimes