The Texas Miracle #5: What’s Wrong with Texas Voters?


This week on the Texas
weekly compendium of everything you need to know,
but probably wish you didn’t, about the Lone Star State: we’re
going out to the Texas tiki shed to round up the news with a
lovable redhead, a British guy, and the cofounder of Bedpost
Confessions, one of the sexiest stage shows in Texas. We’ll hear
from Observer staffer Patrick Michels about a tiger gone
wild — or, actually gone sort of suburban and adorable. You’ll also
meet an undocumented Texan named Victor, whose deaf parents brought
him to Texas hoping to find a better life — only, years later, to
see the state his family risked everything to call home turn its
back on immigrants just like him. In this week’s Ask A Texan
segment, we’ll explore a question —  one often screamed,
in all caps, on any given election night: WHY DON’T TEXANS VOTE?
(And stay tuned through the end of the show for a special
mission involving the Texas Miracle’s Ask A Texan