The Texas Miracle #4: How to Die in Texas


This week the Texas Miracle, hosted by Andrea Grimes: On Ask A Texan, we’ll turn to two lifelong North Texans, Bud Kennedy and Robert Wilonsky, who’ll take on the classic Trinity River showdown between Dallas and Fort Worth. We’ll also be joined by Observer staffer Patrick Michels, who will regale us with small-town tales including, and we’re not shitting you, a story about a city employee pooping in the woods. On our “Try this at home” segment, we’ll learn how to do something you only get one chance to do right: die. And as we always do, we’ll head out to the Texas Tiki shed for a news roundtable, this week with Austin food aficionado Paula Forbes, Observer editor Forrest Wilder and the Houston Chronicle’s Bobby Cervantes, to talk about the ridesharing battle in Austin, flooding in Houston and how Texas continues to doggedly pursue making getting a public education as hard as possible.