The Texas Miracle #3: The Gospel of Soup

This week on the Texas Observer‘s weekly compendium of Texas news and oddities:

– The Observer‘s Naveena Sadasivam, freelancer Jessica Luther, comedian Bob Khosravi and host Andrea Grimes try to suss out what’s going on with calf-roping ag commissioner, who’s currently under investigation for misappropriating taxpayer dollars.

– Observer staffer Patrick Michels takes us to Houston to talk with Janet Baker, the host of a new radio show for grieving parents who’ve lost children to police violence.

– Andrea Grimes takes Greg Abbott and the rest of the state leadership to task for their repeated mishandling of Texas’ child protective services crisis.

– Texas Miracle listeners call in with their ideas about what GOP presidential candidate and Texas senator Ted Cruz did with the 100 cans of soup (yes, you read that right) that he bought after he and his wife returned from their honeymoon.

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