The Texas Miracle #21: Puffy Tacos and East Texas Whale Watching

This week on the Texas Miracle podcast, the Observer‘s weekly compendium of everything you need to know, but maybe wish you didn’t, about the Lone Star State:

We’re talking tacos. Puffy tacos, that is — the magical, uniquely San Antonian specialty that puts competitors crispy and soft to shame. The San Antonio Current’s food and nightlife editor Jessica Elizarraras will join the show to tell us where to find Texas’ finest puffy specimens.

As always, we’ll go out to the Texas Tiki Shed to get caught up on the latest and greatest-slash-worst Texas news, which this week includes the Dallas Morning News historic endorsement of a Democrat for president, and we’ll talk to a Texas energy and environment scholar who will unpack the latest example of Texas lawmakers’ typical conservative cruelty: ending an electric bill assistance program for poor Texans.

And we’ll turn to Texas Observer staffer Patrick Michels, who scours the pages of small-town Texas newspapers for the wildest and weirdest stories, including an East Texas whale watching excursion and the most dangerous theme park in Wichita Falls.

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