The Texas Miracle #18: Our Best Forty MInutes (So Far)

This week on the Texas Observer’s weekly compendium of everything you need to know, but maybe wish you didn’t, about the Lone Star State: We’re stacking the show with the best of our first four months — our best forty minutes or so. We’ve got it all! Texas politics, Texas food, and Texas secession. Sort of. Almost.

First up, we’ll talk to former Texas state senator Wendy Davis, who you may remember from a little 13-hour filibuster against medically unnecessary abortion regulations. Plucked from our essential filibusterversary episode, Davis will tell us about feeling the Texas state Capitol literally shake that day back in 2013, and reflect on whether, three years later, she feels a little like that star high school quarterback who can never top that one big game.

Then, we’ll visit another act of obstruction from our seventh episode live from the 2016 Texas GOP convention back in May. There, some Lone Star patriots tried to put a vote over Texas secession in motion — and while debate was fiery, it was also hilariously rife with parliamentary procedure and a particularly Texan brand of hyperbole.

Then, from our third episode: We’ll meet a Houston mother who lost her son to police violence, and who’s created a radio space for other grieving family and friends — across the nation — to come together to speak their pain, and seek solutions.

Next, to Dallas and the aftermath of the police shooting that left five officers dead, to ask: As state lawmakers privilege the loss of those who wear blue, what are they saying about those who are black?

Finally, we’ll go all the way back to the beginning to talk to three-time James Beard award-winning food critic and chili authority Robb Walsh to find out why Texans never put beans in chili. Or do they?

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