The Texas Miracle #17: Killer Robots and Taco Horses

This week on the Texas Miracle, the Observer‘s weekly compendium of everything you need to know, but maybe wish you didn’t, about the Lone Star State: Our Stump-A-Ferner (that’s foreigner, for you ferners) game show pits a real live New Yorker against a Houston native to see who knows more about the six flags of Texas. Going into this week’s round, the current score is Ferners: 0 and Texans: 0. Will this be the week someone pulls ahead? Tune in to find out.

And: What’s weird in Texas? Observer staffer and Strangest Stater Patrick Michels brings us the wildest news from the far-flung Friendly State, including a vampire heist at a Texas hair salon and a be-hooved Taco Bell patron in Fort Worth.

Plus: As American cops become more and more militarized, what are we to make of the unprecedented use of a killer robot in Dallas this summer? Our journalist roundtable — the Houston Chronicle‘s Andrea ZelinskiObserver freelancer Alex Hannaford, Austin food writer Paula Forbes and host Andrea Grimes — ponders this strange new reality, along with exploring Sid Miller’s latest fantasy: That he’s on Donald Trump’s agricultural squad.

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