‘Cheer’ Takes an Overlooked Sport Off the Sidelines

by | Tue, Jan 14, 2020 at 13:39 CST
The Netflix show about a Corsicana cheerleading squad’s journey to nationals explores an indignity I remember well from my time as a high school dancer: training for intense athletic competitions while being reduced to halftime entertainment.

Going It Alone

More than 40 percent of Texas families living in poverty are single-mother households.

courtesy Sarah Angle My 5-year-old daughter sits at the table, rocking back and forth in a rickety chair I should have replaced years ago. Peas and other discar...Read More


The Resistance Against Donald Trump Begins in Texas

The progressive movement in Texas must take bold action to inspire the residents of our cities to become part of the Trump resistance.

Texans are by and large more progressive than their state politicians. They must continue a long tradition of resistance to help stop Trump....Read More