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Burn It All Down

by | Mon, Sep 24, 2018 at 6:47 CST
Ben Fountain’s new book of essays chronicles the ascent of Trumpism with a keen eye for the past, present and future.

Ink Upon the Furrows

In this year's Texas Observer Short Story Contest winner, Daniel Zima, publisher/editor of a Czech-language newspaper, delivers papers to his elderly neighbors in a nursing home while awaiting a buyer he suspects will never appear.

If you’re considering entering the 2019 Observer story contest, you could do worse than to write a story about a small Texas publication fighting an uphill ba...Read More

A wind farm near Amarillo by

Inside the Coordinated Attack on a North Texas Wind Farm

Conservative lawmakers, an oil investor and other activists did all they could to stop a wind project in rural Texas, even as the state has increasingly embraced renewable energy.

Earlier this year, a Canadian energy producer was poised to build two large wind farms in Clay County, a mostly featureless stretch of plains at the Texas-Oklah...Read More

evangelical, trump, jeffress by

The Violence of Trump’s Words

How do we assess blame for the consequences of dehumanizing rhetoric?

From the start, the essence of Donald Trump’s political project has been the dehumanization of others. When he descended the gilded escalator at Trump Tower i...Read More

raspa revolution by

Raspa Revolution

A Rio Grande Valley tradition evolves for the social media age — with a few growing pains.

Raspa Revolution A Rio Grande Valley tradition evolves for the social media age — with a few growing pains. – by Daniel Blue Tyx September 4, 2018 It wa...Read More


Eye on Texas: Fiesta Protesta

The Voices From Both Sides festival commemorates the 2002 closure of the border crossing between Lajitas and its Mexican sister city, Paso Lajitas.

Jennifer Boomer In May, I traveled to Lajitas to document the sixth annual Voices From Both Sides festival (also called Fiesta Protesta). The daylong event comm...Read More


Heads in the Mud

A year after Hurricane Harvey, what has the Bayou City learned?

“The people of Houston and their officials will have to decide whether they are building a great city or merely a great population.” These words, from a 192...Read More


Bordering on Empty

Shallow Waters Shallow Waters is a nine-part series on border water and climate change. Part 5 Bordering on Empty The Rio Grande is one of the most endangered r...Read More


Strangest State: August 2018

Weird news from far-flung Texas.

SAN ANTONIO // A former master plumber put his collection of more than 1,300 decorated toilet seats up for sale. Barney “King of the Commode” Smith has oper...Read More