The Texas Miracle #24: Rick Perry’s Last Dance

The Texas Miracle #24: Rick Perry’s Last Dance

On the podcast: ‘He looked very matadorly,’ and other Rick-related phrases you never thought you’d hear, plus: Cruz’s conscience and clown lives… matter?

This week on the Texas Observer’s weekly compendium of everything you need to know, but maybe wish you didn’t, about the Lone Star State: Staffer Patrick Michels brings us wild and weird news from far-flung Texas. In the queue: the East Texas NASCAR enthusiast who won a year’s supply of Braum’s ice cream, a school district where teachers are armed and ready for battle, and the not-so-burgeoning “clown lives matter” movement.

As always, we’ll go out to the Texas Tiki Shed to get caught up on the latest and greatest-slash-worst Texas news with Texas Monthly’s Andrea Valdez, our resident anthropologist Dr. Jenny Carlson and our favorite New York import, freelancer Annamarya Scaccia, to reflect upon the Clinton-Trump debate, the state of Ted Cruz’s conscience and the role of capitalism in the socio-political oppression of bodily autonomy. (It’s a hoot, we promise.)

But sadly, this week Rick Perry shot for the stars — and missed. Perry’s three-week tenure on Dancing with the Stars is over, but not before our bespectacled former governor developed a bromance with fellow Texan Vanilla Ice. We’ll get the Miracle’s Dancing expert, host Andrea Grimes’ own mom, on the line to break it down.

[Editor’s note: There is adult language in this podcast! You can find the Texas Miracle on iTunes and Stitcher. Follow us at @TheTexasMiracle and here on the website for news and updates. Special assignment: We’re taking listener calls about what they learned in Texas public schools’ sex ed classes, so if you’ve got a memorable story about learning the birds and the bees in Texas, leave us a voicemail at 512-981-5936!]

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