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The Texas Miracle #19: Cocks, Glocks and Trump Across Texas

Donald Trump supporters await their candidate's arrival at the Travis County Expo Center.

The Texas Miracle #19: Cocks, Glocks and Trump Across Texas

This week on the Texas Miracle podcast, our weekly compendium of everything you need to know, but maybe wish you didn’t, about the Lone Star State: We’ll hear the sounds of Donald Trump’s recent visit to Austin — there are some USA chants involved — and check in with how Trump supporters are feeling as their candidate hops on the trail — and trails and trails — across Texas.

Plus, Texas Monthly journos and contributors Dan SolomonDoyin Oyeniyi and Jessica Luther head out to the Texas Tiki Shed for this week’s news roundup to discuss cocks and glocks — in terms of the be-dildoed campus carry protest taking place on the University of Texas campus this week. We’ll also tackle a shocking Austin American-Statesman report on the sexually abusive doctors allowed to keep their licenses thanks to the Texas Medical Board, and we’ll ruminate on the latest news about now-former Travis County GOP chairman (and anime pornography fan) Robert Morrow.

And as usual, Observer staffer and Strangest Stater Patrick Michels will bring us the wildest news from small-town Texas and small-town Texas newspapers, including some decidedly unsportsmanlike conduct from a kids’ soccer coach.

Strap in, or perhaps, strap-on, y’all — it’s time to witness another Miracle.

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