Perry Takes A Victory Lap


Yes sir, Rick Perry, longest serving governor in Texas, just claimed
another four years in the governor’s mansion. During his victory
speech, Perry didn’t veer far from his talking points – state’s
rights, securing the border, lambasting the federal government, etc.
He blasted “do gooder policies” and the federal government’s
micro-managing our lives. Why bother changing the melody when you’re
singing a victory tune? And he sure didn’t veer from singing the
evils of “big daddy government.”

Back in January 2009, which seems like another decade already, the
polls predicted Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson would hand Perry a hefty
defeat in the Republican primary. Last April, Perry described the
moment to a fawning crowd at the Southern Republican Leadership
Conference as a political come-to-Jesus moment. Perry said he had “his
head beneath his wing. I was feeling under the weather. Politically, I
felt we were in deep, deep trouble but then something really
interesting happened on April 15 Tea Parties all over the country men
and women standing up saying ‘read the Constitution.’”


And what a wild Nascar ride it was from Perry’s infamous secession                                      speech at an Austin Tea Party rally to a Republican primary triumph
over Bailey Hutchinson riding high on Texas tea. But after crafting a
campaign and a nascent presidential bid out of flogging the federal
deficit, it’ll be interesting to watch Perry navigate an estimated $20
billion budget shortfall in January and come out of it unscathed.
Tonight he pledged to Republicans to stand up to the federal
government and the “gloom and doomers who think that raising taxes is
the only way to balance the budget. I’ll stand up to them and say
“no,”  he claims. That’s an interesting tightrope walk I can’t wait to
see come January.