Vote for The Texas Observer’s 2013 People’s Friend Award!

Each month, The Texas Observer highlights a Tyrant’s Foe. What is a Tyrant’s Foe? A person fighting the good fight, speaking truth to power, and bringing positive change to the strangest state in the nation.

The Observer staff, board, and Next Generation of leaders completed the difficult task of choosing their three favorite Tyrant’s Foes of 2012. Now that 2012 is over, the Observer invites you to vote on which of these Tyrant’s Foes should become the People’s Friend, an award that includes $1,000 and a trip to Austin to be recognized at the Rabble Rouser & Fat Cat Schmoozefest.

This year’s finalists are:

ShuddeFath200X200Shudde Fath

“I was one of five senior citizens who were asked by the sociology department at [the University of Texas at Austin] to talk to a class of graduate students. Everybody was telling their history, and the students wanted to know why we did those things that we did. So when it was my turn, I said that my message was, ‘You gotta give a damn about something. You gotta find something—besides work—that you give a damn about and work to make it as much as you can the way you think it ought to be.’” Read the full story.

CarlosSpector200X200Carlos Spector

“It’s disturbing, considering the high level of violence up and down the border and throughout Mexico, that more firms aren’t taking up these cases,” Spector says. “I think there’s a certain amount of fear, and a lack of familiarity with politics in Mexico. They believe the government hype that anyone who flees Mexico is involved with the drug business.” Read the full story.


patriciascott200X200Patricia Scott

“Did she suffer quite a bit? Yeah she did,” Lane says. “But she didn’t give up, and she never agreed to do any corrupt things. When everybody else was looking down, she stood up. … Without her efforts, Garcia might still be there.” Read the full story.


Who should win the People’s Friend? Vote for your favorite here.

The Observer awards the People’s Friend each year at the Rabble Rouser Round-up & Fat Cat Schmoozefest. Attend and see who will win on February 21 at The White Horse in Austin.