A "Welcome to Presidio" sign at the Texas-Mexico border. by

Western Block: One Woman’s Quest for Citizenship

Refujia Roman-Chavez could be a U.S. citizen, but she can't prove it without the cooperation of the West Texas border agents who’ve repeatedly told her to return to Mexico.

Much as undocumented parents have struggled with a sometimes hostile Texas bureaucracy that hinders easy access to their American-born kids’ birth certificate...Read More

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Fallen HERO: The Campaign That Couldn’t Save Houston

An equal rights ordinance would have offered protections for all Houstonians, but many groups say they weren’t represented by Houston Unites’ strategic leadership.

HERO would have offered protections for all Houstonians, but those who live at the intersection of multiple points of marginalization simply weren’t reflected...Read More


Jumping the Loan Sharks

Ending predatory lending is a 'big jigsaw with a lot of pieces,' but one model, developed in the Valley, may solve part of the puzzle.

Commercial payday loans can carry interest rates in excess of 400 percent and must be repaid within months or weeks, often causing financially troubled customer...Read More

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Houston ISD Could End Suspensions for Young Students

New report shows disparities in school discipline are more pronounced for kids in pre-kindergarten through fifth grade.

A vote by Houston ISD school board this month could make Texas’ largest school district the first with a ban on suspending young students. The proposal in Hou...Read More