Hot List: Day 49

Day 49 of the 82nd Texas Legislature

“YouTubes are infallible,”
Rep. Leo Berman, R-Tyler, to The Texas Tribune on where he gets his information on President Barack Obama’s birthplace.

Well, if you’ve been worried that the Taliban might take over Texas, fear not: Rep. Leo Berman has your back. The ultraconservative Republican from Tyler wants to make sure sharia law never comes to the Lone Star State through joint resolution to prohibit state courts from enforcing religious law. Never fear, though—there’s no mention of the Ten Commandments posted in courtrooms.

According to Gov. Rick Perry, we Texans hate when Washington interferes in our business. Ultraconservative Washington lawyers are a different matter entirely. The Austin American-Stateman reports that D.C. lawyer David Rivkin has worked for free to “craft legal strategy” for Texas in its legal fights with the feds, on issues from health care to environmental regulation. Frivolous lawsuits indeed.

Today, the state’s most controversial prosecutor, Williamson County DA John Bradley, will stand before the Senate Nominations Committee to find out whether he will remain the chair of the Texas Forensic Science Commission. As Dave Mann reports, Bradley has hampered the investigation on flawed arson evidence in the Cameron Toddy Williingham case, and the cranky chair is sure to hear plenty of jeers (and inevitably some cheers) for his work. Expect fireworks.

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