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Call Them Refugees

by | Fri, Oct 28, 2016 at 9:27 CST
As political leaders argue over the crisis at the Texas-Mexico border, local communities and nonprofits carry the weight.
Aja Edwards by

Out in New Braunfels

A gay City Council member in a tea party stronghold is building an LGBT community from the ground up.

Aja Edwards, a gay City Council member in the tea party stronghold of New Braunfels, is building an LGBT community from the ground up....Read More

Protest in Mexico over 43 disappeared students by

Protests Mount in Mexico Over Missing Students

In Mexico City, thousands march under banner of “They were taken alive, we want them brought back alive.”

Protesters gathered in the thousands in Mexico City for a march to commemorate the 43 students at a teachers college in southern Mexico who disappeared after be...Read More


Huntsville Redemption

On Wednesday, one more innocent man walked away from Texas' death row

Manuel Velez, sentenced to die in 2008 based on flawed science, stepped into the sun on Wednesday, free for the first time in years. ...Read More