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ON THE COVER Burned home, San Bruno, Calif., gas line explosion PHOTO BY THOMAS HAWK LEFT Shahed Hossain at his grandmother’s house in Dhaka, Bangladesh PHOTO BY ERIN HOLLAWAY MAN WITHOUT A COUNTRY by Seth Freed Wessler How immigration reformand a Texan from Bangladesh got caught in the deportation dragnet . THE FIRE DOWN BELOW by Forrest Wilder Where will the North Texas gas-drilling frenzy lead? DEAD WRONG by Dave Mann DNA evidence calls another execution into questionand spotlights flaws in Texas’ death-penalty system. 0 1 OBSERVER ONLINE Watch short documentaries about gas pipelines in Texas and the prisoner who adopted another prisoner. Also see the video Deportation Horror: A Journey from Texas to Bangladesh. IN THIS ISSUE LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON by Michael May photos by Alan Pogue It took prisoner Daniel Johnson more than three decades to find a son, and only a month to lose him. REGULARS 23 DATELINE: SAN ANTONIO 26 POETRY 28 PURPLE STATE 01 DIALOGUE River City Soul Birthmark One Corporatocracy 02 POLITICAL INTELLIGENCE by Bill Minutaglio by Gregg Barrios Under God, Divisible by Bob Moser 05 EDITORIAL 25 CRITIC’S NOTEBOOK 27 TEX IN THE CITY 05 BEN SARGENT’S The Octopus Show The Drink that Represses 29 EYE ON TEXAS LOON STAR STATE by Josh Rosenblatt by Robert Leleux by Jensen Walker 22 HIGHTOWER REPORT 1