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10:54 a.m. Mexican restaurant, Midland. “It was a mixed crowd, Hispanics and Anglos. White’s a pretty confident guy; he’s never at a loss for words.” 5:35 p.m. White’s trademark bootsand his son, Will’son a sixseater plane back to Houston. “They’re very similar; Will was like a little Politico Jr.” Will White is now a first-year teacher in Houston. 9:09 a.m. Senior center, Midland. “This was a predominantly black community center, and he had a really good rapport with the people here.” 28 THE TEXAS OBSERVER —Odessa. “White’s fun to photograph, because he has those ears and you can get some good stuff. In this shot, you know it’s him, even from behind.” In a small restaurant, White chats up oil-field workers David Chambers, left, and Bill Payton, right. “I’m sure they expected maybe 20 people, but it was so full you couldn’t get everybody in there. White finally went outside, sat down with some guys, and had a bite to eat.” WWW.TEXASOBSERVER.ORG