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IN THIS ISSUE ON THE COVER PHOTO BY MATT WRIGHT-STEEL 15 HIT ‘EM WHERE THEY LIVE by Michael May When it comes to Texas politics, Billy Lee Brammer wrote the book. Billy Lee Brammer at a press conference PHOTO COURTESY SIDNEY BRAMMER 06 FACING DEATH by Robert Leleux Most Texans avert their eyes from the state’s machinery of deathbut at what cost? REGULARS 01 DIALOGUE 02 POLITICAL INTELLIGENCE 05 EDITORIAL 05 BEN SARGENT’S LOON STAR STATE 26 WRITE OF PASSAGE Crafting Latina comingof-age novels for the thinking teenager by Belinda Acosta 10 DEPORTATION MADNESS by Melissa del Bosque The U.S. Supreme Court rejects an “absurd” lawbut what happens to those already deported for minor offenses? 29 ADS THAT SAY NADA 34 WHAT’S LEFT OF TEXAS Review of Marisa A. Review of The Texas Left, Abrajano’s Campaign a collection of essays ing to the New American by Steven G. Keilman Electorate by Beatriz Terrazas 35 EQUAL OVER TIME Review of Christine 30 WAR WITHOUT END Stansell’s The Review of William S. Feminist Promise Clayson’s Freedom is by Robert Leluex Not Enough by Tom Palaima 36 PURPLE STATE Slaves to Greed 32 JUST TALK by Bob Moser A mother who can’t avoid discussing race 37 EYE ON TEXAS with complete strangers by Lisa Krantz by Debra Monroe SUMMER BOOKS 16 THE BETTER HALF Review of Laura Bush’s Spoken from the Heart by Ruth Pennebaker 17 FOOD FIGHT Review of Robert Paarlberg’s Food Politics by James E. McWilliams 10 IDENTITY CRISIS Col. David Crockett takes on his alter-ego, Davy, and loses. by Robert Green 23 WHO RUNS TEXAS? History shows the office matters less than who’s holding it. by Dave McNeely OBSERVEh ONLINE Watch a video about the death penalty, an interview with this month Tyrants’ Foe and an audio slideshow about Billy Lee Brammer narrated by his daughter, Sidney.