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A JOURNAL OF FREE VOICES SINCE 1954 fa* VOLUME 102, NO. 5 FOUNDING EDITOR Ronnie Dugger EDITOR Bob Moser MANAGING EDITOR Chris Tomlinson ASSOCIATE EDITOR Dave Mann CULTURE EDITOR Michael May INVESTIGATIVE REPORTER Melissa del Bosque STAFF WRITER Forrest Wilder ASSOCIATE PUBLISHER Julia Austin CIRCULATION/OFFICE MANAGER Candace Carpenter ART DIRECTION EmDash LLC MARKETING ASSISTANT Jaime Kilpatrick WEBMASTER Shane Pearson COPY EDITOR Rusty Todd I LOGUE Political Insurgencies Farouk Shami will lose to Bill White in the Democratic primary \(“The Mayor Debra Medina will mount a challenge as an independent in November. After all, she likes the spotlight, and the conservative base in Texas likes her. I doubt she’ll walk away after March 2. Her full frontal attacks on Perry’s leadership and governance are too pronounced. The four-way that Perry faced four years ago allowed voters to move in several directions, with some Democrats voting for Kinky and some Republicans voting for Carole. This allowed Perry to win with an embarrassing 39 percent of the popular vote. A three-way this timewith the third candidate being hard on his rightwon’t afford him that luxury. In other words, if Medina splits Perry’s vote, then White can win. Jackson Williams AUSTIN IT IS OBVIOUS THE BULK OF “REPUBLICAN OF THE PEOPLE” self as a person who is not sure of President Barack Obama’s citizenship, still feels like the government has questions to answer about “involvement in 9/11,” and did not back away from Perry’s repulsive remarks threatening Texas secession. I believe she got a huge boost in the polls the same way John McCain got a huge boost from the addition of Sarah Palin to his floundering campaign. Both of these women are snide, sarcastic, uninformed, uneducated and ignorant, and they appeal to the masses of folks who share those same qualities. The media is fascinated because they are willing to say anything to keep themselves in the spotlight. I don’t view Medina’s candidacy as an underdog story. I view it as proof of the bumper sticker I see every now and then: “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers.” Bev Shaw POSTED AT WWW.TEXASOBSERVER.ORG I MUST SAY I WAS MORE THAN IMPRESSED WITH THE Medina profile. It was interesting, informative and down right fun to read! I’m sorry for you Bev Shaw. I read a wonderful piece about a long-shot candidate, feeling more proud and excited to be a Texan with each paragraph I read. You read it and express contempt and utter disgust toward our great state and those who love her. You just don’t get it. And it sure is a shame Bev, you’re truly missing out on something great. Sarah Bennett POSTED AT WWW.TEXASOBSERVER.ORG Loving Walmart Lovers “DATELINE: NACOGDOCHES” WAS THE FUNNIEST THING Lansdale’s East Texas drawl while reading this piece. Only Joe could insult a bunch of people at the same time showing them love and get a way with it too. He’s a Texas treasure! Oh Joe, we can’t quit you either! Sonia Santana AUSTIN Books and Beauty WHAT A LOVELY PROFILE! I HAD THE GREAT HONOR OF reading for the Jefferson chapter of the Pulpwood Queens, and I agree, they have brought pageantry and revelry to what is often considered a staid area of life \(“Fake Fur, Big Hair and La Vie Litteraire,” to have fun, but they are absolutely serious about reading, about doing good in the community, and about promoting literacy all over the world. Long may the Queens reign! Laurie Viera Rigler JANEAUSTENADDICT.COM Sound Off [email protected] org POETRY EDITOR Naomi Shihab Nye INTERNS Laura Burke, Robert Green, Lara Haase, Hudson Lockett, Maddie Pelan, Jen Reel CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Emily DePrang, Lou Dubose, James K. Galbraith, Steven G. Kellman, Joe R. Lansdale, Robert Leleux, James E. McWilliams, Char Miller, Bill Minutaglio, Ruth Pennebaker, Josh Rosenblatt, Kevin Sieff, Brad Tyer, Andrew Wheat CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS Jana Birchum, Alan Pogue, Steve Satterwhite CONTRIBUTING ARTISTS Michael Krone, Alex Eben Meyer, Ben Sargent TEXAS DEMOCRACY FOUNDATION BOARD Lisa Blue, Melissa Jones, Susan Longley, Jim Marston, Mary Nell Mathis, Gilberto Ocanas, Jesse Oliver, Bernard Rapoport, Geoffrey Rips, Geronimo Rodriguez, Sharron Rush, Kelly White, Ronnie OUR MISSION We will serve no group or party but will hew hard to the truth as we find it and the right as we see it. We are dedicated to the whole truth, to human values above all interests, to the rights of humankind as the foundation of democracy. We will take orders from none but our own conscience, and never will we overlook or misrepresent the truth to serve the interests of the powerful or cater to the ignoble in the human spirit. MARCH 5, 2010 THE TEXAS OBSERVER