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The Haji family PHOTO BY JEN REEL “IMIr rin thou bring its here on their Irnmippo” A Dallas kitchen PHOTO BY JEN REEL 06 BUILDING LITTLE BAGHDAD by Laura Burke An Iraqi community emerges in DallasFort Worth. 15 THE GOLDEN FOOTBALL by Tom Palaima The University of Texas’ bad example REGULARS 01 DIALOGUE 02 POLITICAL INTELLIGENCE 05 EDITORIAL 05 BEN SARGENT’S LOON STAR STATE 21 HIGHTOWER REPORT 24 CRITIC’S NOTEBOOK A ’60s Houston high school jazz band is hot again. by Josh Rosenblatt 12 SLUSH FUN by Dave Mann At least one Texan has benefited from Rick Perry’s Enterprise FundRick Perry. CONVERSATIONS WITH A STRANGE BIRD by Michael May Shearwater singer Jonathan Meiburg talks about his other job as an ornithologist. 26 HIGH MARX IN READING 27 TEX IN THE CITY The State Board of No Man’s Land of God Education takes a stand by Rabevt. Leieux against communist propaganda. 28 PURPLE STATE by Tyler Stoddard Smith Reality-free Republicanism 25 POETRY by Bob Moser by Ken Whitley 29 EYE ON TEXAS 26 BOOK REVIEW by Lance Rosenfield Hard Labor by Torn Palaima 22 DATELINE: HOUSTON Searching for what remains of author Donald Barthelme in an ever-changing city by Michael Agresta 1 dOSERVER ONLINE Follow our coverage of the March 2 primary results through our online reporting and analysis. See an audio-slideshow report on the Iraqi refugees in Dallas-Fort Worth.