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ARTWORK AND ESSAY BY JULIE SPEED FICTION BY A. M. HOMES ESSAY BY ELIZABETH FERRER New work that mirrors the anxieties and absurdities of the post-9/11 world by acclaimed American artist Julie Speed. 130 color plates $55.00 hardcover Trinity 4-4 PHOTOGRAPHS BY MICHAEL P. BERMAN Completing a trilogy that includes Inferno and Exodus/Exodo, Trinity is Charles Bowden’s impassioned manifesto on the human folly of trying to control and domesticate the Southwestern desert. BILL AND ALICE WRIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY SERIES 69 duotones U $55.00 hardcover UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS PRESS Read more about these books online. 00.252.3206 WWW. Fireflies Photolvaphs of Children BY KEITH CARTER A superb collection of previously unpublished portraits of children and a selection of iconic images from Keith Carter’s books Holding Ve nu., and The Blue Man. 85 photos $50.00 hardcover 1.Ilia k Big River, Rio Grande BY LAURENCE PARENT AND DAVID BAXTER FOREWORD BY ANDREW SANSOM A masterful portrait in words and pictures of one of the most beautiful, ecological diverse, and increasingly endangered river from its mouth at the Gulf of Mexico to its head waters in Colorado. THE co RR1E HERRING HOOKS SERIES 90 color photos $39.95 hardcover